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Jul 22, 2024

Wilderness & Bush

Each of the knives shown below are constructed with different steels, handle material and guard/pin/bolts.

Any can be customized to your specifications, to make this YOUR knife, using your choice of steel and/or materials. Of course, actual cost may vary depending on the materials used.

Wilderness Walker

Blade length 7 3/4″, OAL 13 1/2″.
Steel 15CM , 3/16″
Nickel Silver Guard, Golden Amboyna Burl handle, mosaic pins in guard and handle. Red liner.
A big sturdy knife.

Algonquin Chief

5 3/4″ Blade, OAL 10 1/2″
154 stainless, flat grind, 5/32″ steel.
Stainless Guard and pins, thong hole. Raspberry Dymondwood handle
This particular knife has mosaic pins and black liner.

Camp Knife

5 3/4″ Blade, OAL 11″
154 stainlkess steel, 5/32″ blade flat ground.
Hidden Tang construction, Stainelss Guard with red/balck spacers. Maple burl handle.

Northern Bush

A2 High Carbon 5/32″, Flat grind
Blade 5″, OAL 10 1/2″
Canary wood handle

Algonquin Woods

A2 High Carbon 5/32″, Flat grind
Blade 4″, OAL 9″
Handle Curly Maple

Hunters love this combination for field dressing. The hatchet is designed for getting through sinew and tendon easily (and saves smacking your good knife with a rock!!).

All are made with stainless 154CM

Hatchet 3/16″ thick, blade 3 1/4″, OAL 11″
Field dressing knife 1/8″, blade 3 1/2″, OAL 8″
Skinning knife 1/8″, blade 4 1/2″, OAL 9″
Handled in Grey/Black Dymondwood 

Hatchet $225
Field Dresser $165
Skinner $165

Didn’t see the special knife you are looking for?

Knives in this section are the most popular of my designs, and the ones most often sought. Or the knife I dreamed up and decided to make that day!!

If you can describe, draw or show me a picture of the knife you would like, one can be made to suit you.

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