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Apr 24, 2024

Hunting & Fishing Knives

Model: Algonquin Hunter

Blade 4.5″, OAL 9 (with guard 9 1/4″)
Various Handle Material
With Guard or Bolster

Model: Chippawa

Blade 3.75″, OAL 8″
A bit smaller blade for day use
With or Without Guard/Bolsters

Model: Pheasant Hunter

Smaller Blade for Bird Hunters
3.5″ Blade, 7″ OAL
Choice of Handle Material, Bolsters

Model: Fish Filets

1/16′ Thick (or 3/32 for a stiffer blade)
Blade lengths 7 1/4″ (standard, can be made longer or shorter)
With/without Bolsters

Didn’t see the special knife you are looking for?

Knives in this section are the most popular of my designs, and the ones most often sought. Or the knife I dreamed up and decided to make that day!!

If you can describe, draw or show me a picture of the knife you would like, one can be made to suit you.  NOTE :  I build knives for practical and hard use – I do not make fantasy or “Rambo” type knives !!

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