Mike Mossington

Algonquin Hunter


High Carbon Damascus


South African Blackwood


4" Blade, 9" OAL






Mike Norris Stainless Damascus


Stabilized Maple Burl

4" Blade, 9" OAL



Algonquin Hunter


High Carbon Damascus


California Buckeye Burl


5/32" steel, 4" Blade, 9" OAL




New from Mossington Knives

Wilderness and Bush Knives

Didn't see the special knife you are looking for?

Knives in this section are the most popular of my designs, and the ones most often sought.  Or the knife I dreamed up and decided to make that day!!

If you can describe, draw or show me a picture of the knife you would like, one can be made to suit you.

Email address    Or just pick up the phone   705-495-3015

Just off the bench of

                           Mossington Canada

And for the hiker, geocacher, or those wanting a light carry, but the function of a serious knife on the trail.....................

The "Paracord"



1/8" (or3/32") 154CM


Blade 3 1/2", OAL 7"


Various coloured Paracord (approx. 8' of cord for emergency or general use)


Custom Sheath





Algonquin Hunter


1/8" 154CM Stainless


Dymondwood handle


4" Blade, 9" OAL


Specifically designed for the sereious hunter - features integral guard -




 The "Muskrat"

154CM Stainless Steel  1/8"

3 1/3" Blade, 7" OAL

A smaller version of the popular Algonquin, this is a lot of knife in a smaller package





154CM Stainless, Stainless Guard


Sambar Stag Handle, Red Spacer

4" Blade, 9" OAL




Pheasant Hunter 


Canadian Flag Damascus

                    by Robert Eggerling


Stainless Bolster, Muskox Boss Handle  (from the Yukon)

4" Blade, 9" OAL



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